Have you ever been to a family members music recital and not been able to hear them, been at a concert and really wanted to hear the guitar solo but couldn't, or watched a musical on Broadway only to loudly hear the lead and not much else. Well these situations are all too common when it comes to mixing and producing if not done correctly. Many people can write great songs but without the right production the song can never truly realise its full potential.


Hayden has over 25 years in the industry and has owned and operated professional recording studios in both the US and Australia, Hayden specialises in modern music production and combines state-of-the-art equipment with his multi-instrumental ability to add a modern touch to almost any song.


Hayden takes great pride in meticulously grooming over every sound, track and song utilising the worlds leading software, plug-ins and hardware. From Eq to compressionreverb to delays or unison tracking to mono compatible mixing, everything is done to make sure every sound and instrument finds its own space to shine in any environment. 


With all this experience Hayden has all the tools needed to mix click tracks or demos right through to polished "radio ready" songs.

Hayden's Producing examples are below all of which have not been mastered for demo purposes.

*PLEASE NOTE- All songs are for demo purposes only and not for sale or for commercial use. Hayden Smith owns all Copyright