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Hayden Smith

Hayden is a vocal and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with over 25 years of experience covering many styles of music and facets of the music industry. From playing sax with Dj’s in Miami (USA), London and Bali, performing R&B, Pop and Groove songs in the Maldives and Tokyo, performing in festivals as a session player in Australia, or writing songs and producing for artists in his professional recording studio's, Hayden has covered it all.

He has performed alongside countless national and internationally artists including James Brown, Michael Crawford, Inner Circle, Midnight Oil, Gangajang, and The Baby Animals and has headlined his own vocal/instrumental show across the globe on over 13 of the worlds best cruise lines for over 15 years. 


Hayden has also performed to great reviews to some of the most influential and famous people on the planet including The Beckams, Gordon Ramsay, Novak Djokovic, Tina Turner, Jimmy Carr and owners of massive companies like Barclay Banks, Louis Vuitton, McLaren and Lindt chocolate to name but a few. 


He has been the resident performer at many of the world’s greatest hotels including The Tokyo Hilton, The Hilton Shanghai, One & Only Resort in the Maldives, and at many of London’s premium hotels including The Ritz, The Savoy and The Dorchester. 


All of this experience has given Hayden a wealth of knowledge when it comes to songwriting and producing.


“I’ve learnt so much from touring around the world playing different styles of music. It's diversified my ear and enabled me to develop a better understanding of how music comes together.  It’s allowed me to clearly hear melodies, rhythms and production ideas necessary for performing, songwriting and producing in this modern era of music.”


Hayden's approach to music over the past decade has been heavily focused on Modern Music Production. Understanding mixing and audio engineering techniques are crucial in creating a truly "Unique" and modern song. Fortunately, Hayden has owned and operated professional recording studios both in Australia and the US for over 24 years. His studio's have state-of-the-art equipment and all the best mixing and instrument plugins needed to create the right sound.


Since 2017, Hayden moves back and forth between Australia and Hollywood, Los Angeles where he is the owner of MMS Studios. The studio concentrates on writing, mixing and producing pop and dance music.


He has also formed an original music group called MMS which features his incredibly beautiful and talented wife Alexa Jayne.