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All songs were written, produced and engineered by Hayden. All instruments, beat making and string programming performed by Hayden. All tracks are in MP3 format.



Hayden has toured extensively worldwide as a vocalist and instrumentalist both as Headliner and as a session musician. He has owned recording studios both in the US and Australia since 1998 and has engineered with Pro Tools for 25 years. He has spent years beat making and string programming with an extensive knowledge of many of the worlds greatest plugins and sampling libraries and has been a studio session musician on multiple instruments since the age of 12.


“I get inspired when there is a story to be told. I try and connect with the artist like a musical therapist and dig deep in order to understand the essence of who they are. It’s then about having all the tools necessary to guide the song to its ultimate outcome. From engineering tricks to knowing the right plugins and samples to use. From knowing how instruments could be used to deliver unique sounds to understanding how to translate the vibe and feeling of the lyric into music. It all helps to make the artist feel comfortable and ultimately more productive so no matter what happens in the session they know I have it covered to deliver their story in the most authentic way possible.”



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US Cell -  +1-424-431-5440

AUS Cell - +61-456-456-712


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