Hayden is a vocal and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with over 25 years of experience covering many styles of music and facets of the music industry.

“I’ve learnt so much from touring around the world playing different styles of music. It's diversified my ear and enabled me to develop a better understanding of how music comes together.  It’s allowed me to clearly hear melodies, rhythms and production ideas necessary for performing, songwriting and producing in this modern era of music."

Hayden has been songwriting for over 20 years for other artists, TV and for himself. From Loneliness to Love or heartbreak to hope, Hayden finds inspiration from his many life experiences touring the world.  
When it comes to co-writing Hayden will help structure your song making sure the lyrics, melodies, chords and hooks are as fluid and dynamic as possible while striving to capture the meaning and essence of each song. 
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Hayden will Beat-make, design unique sounds, record guitar, pianos and other relevant instruments, provide complete vocal production including auto-tuning and generally help decide on what sounds and instruments work when producing your song.
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